A Prayer For Peace 

Oh God of all comfort and peacePrayer for Peace

I look unto you

You are the originator and

Source of all comfort.

The comfort, peace and tranquility

Which a human soul needs,

You can give him freelyand abundantly.

Our adversary is so cunning and crafty,

is always behind us,

to steal that comfort from our hearts,

to snatch that peace from our souls.

We are helpless without you,

We are hopeless without you,

We are nothing without you.

We can not survive without you.

Help me O, Lord

Help us O, Lord,

That we may regain that peace,

We may experience your peace and presence

We may experience your power and person

in our daily struggles, trials and conflicts

Have Mercy on us, O Lord.

You are my peace

You are my partner,

You are my shield

You are my fortress,

You are my rock,

You are my hiding place

I am safe and secure in thee forever more.