Happy Birthday to me 

Dear heavenly Father, the creator of my soul, spirit and body,

best prayer

I adore You and bless You.

Dear Father in heaven, thank You for Your son,

For the great work which He did on the cross,

He saved me from sin and death.

Father, thank You for giving me these fifty years of life.

Protecting me.

Giving me all the blessings which I needed.

Helping me to do the ministry.


Lord, as I look back, I cannot comprehend all that You have done for me,

Unlimited blessings which You bestowed upon me.


Lord, I look forward to my days which are brief on this earth.

Make me holy, humble, and honest;

Use me according to Thy will.


Lord! The things which do not please you,

Remove them from my inner self by the power of Your Holy Spirit.


In Jesus’ name I pray.