Teach Me Thy Ways 


Dear Lord, Dear Father, Creator and Master,

Help me, teach me Thy ways;

Open me, break me, and make me a person according to Your choice.

Help me to know Your divine will,

Let Your divine will be accomplished in my life.

Help me to know Your will and to do Your will.

Remove all kinds of hardness and stubbornness from my life.

Please make me a soft and sanctified person.

Open my eyes to see Your world and works according to your eyes.

Make my vision sharp,

Heal my short-sightedness.

I look unto You for help, guidance, encouragement and vision. You never leave me, nor forsake me.

I need Your mercy.

Have mercy on me, O Lord!

Make me bold to stand for the truth,

Make me holy to be used for Your glory,

Make me honest to help others,

Make me powerful to preach the Gospel,

Make me humble to serve others.

In Jesus’ name I pray.