Thank You, My Beloved Lord 


Oh King of kings, Lord of lords, the creator of the whole universe. Thank you very much for sending Your Son into this world to save me from sin, death and Satan.

Dear Father in heaven, what a great and free salvation You have granted me through the shed blood of Your Son Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. It is just by faith. It is all by Your divine grace.Blessing of GOD

Thank You very much for making me Your son/daughter. You have adopted me and made me a joint heir with Your Son. What is Yours is mine through this spiritual relationship.

I bow before you, O Lord! You are worthy to be praised and honored. I have no good in me. What I am is all provided through Your grace and mercy.

Thank You very much for calling me to serve You. Even the angels thought and looked for it but You did not choose them. You chose the fools of this world, the meek and the weak, just to manifest Your power and strength.

I confess, Father, that I am not perfect. I am human, weak, fragile, and prone to sin. I have so many weaknesses, infirmities, shortcomings. I lose my temper, I harbor hate in my heart. I am stubborn, self-centered, and strong-willed. I greatly need Your power from above to cleanse me, mold me and make me a person according to Your divine will. Make me a vessel of honor; make me humble, holy, and honest so that I may be used for Your glory and honor.

Lord look for my secret sins. Search me, O Lord, and see if there is any sin in me. Cleanse me, O Lord, with Your precious blood. Make me a person of Your choice by the power and with the holy fire of Your Spirit.

Lord, consume and burn all the trash, the work of wood, hay and grass,

Lord, eliminate everything which is contrary to Your divine will.

Lord I am in Your loving and kind hands; You do the best for me.

I love You Lord.

Thank You for each of Your blessings.

Dear Father, I ask all this in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Redeemer, who loved me so much and gave Himself for me.


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