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We Were Called For This Task 

Samuel tells of the realities of serving Christ in the middle of extremely difficult circumstances. As he left home with his co-worker, knowing the difficulties ahead he prayed, “Lord give us Your strength and power that we may experience the power of Your resurrection in our mortal bodies in these days.”

Was the prayer necessary?

Did God answer?

Samuel reported … “After covering some 350 kilometers we arrived at our first stop where I preached that night. We had fellowship with the local believers. They had been facing problems in their local church. We talked with them until 1:00 AM.”

The first day for Samuel and his ministry partner was a pattern of what was to come; extreme heat, long hours of travel, responsibility for preaching the Word, counseling and encouraging God¹s people for long hours.

In speaking about another village Samuel said: “Thank God that the Lord used us in the past to help these believers to have their own church. This building can accommodate more than 100 people. I preached there at night and the believers were greatly strengthened and encouraged. I have experienced the fact that in some places people are very happy just by having us present in their midst. But when we minister they appreciate and value the gifts God has given us even more. We have the ministry of love and reconciliation.”

The local pastor in the village was suffering from Hepatitis C. He was very low in his spirit. Believing they must stand behind such precious servants of the Lord in times of hardship and sickness, the team took the pastor to a doctor for a checkup. They also promised to meet his medical expenses so that he could have proper treatment. To care for these people it is not enough to simply say you care; you must demonstrate it in practical ways.

At their next stop they met a believer named Nadir who had been baptized the previous year. He was then thirty years of age. They met him, his wife and children. Two weeks later they received the sad news that this young believer and his brother met a very fatal road accident on their motor bicycle. They were hit from behind by a truck, while going to their home after work. Nadir’s brother was killed at the spot. Nadir, very seriously wounded, was taken to the hospital, but the doctors could not do anything. After a few minutes Nadir also died.

Deeply moved by this very sad and tragic news, Samuel wrote a letter to Nadir’s family, comforting them in the Lord. He said “We pray that the Lord may take care of this young widow and her little children.”

In another location the believers were waiting for the team. In that village there was a total blackout and Samuel found himself preaching at 11.00 PM by the light of a kerosene oil lamp.

Although they were very tired Samuel carried on because as he said, “We were called for this task.”

“The people were listening to the Word of God with great eagerness,” Samuel said, “they were spiritually hungry and thirsty. Those believers regularly gather together in one others' homes to worship God. They are earnestly praying for a simple church building where they can freely meet any time.”

God is obviously at work through His servants who endure the tests and serve Him faithfully. At the end of their journey, the co-worker asked Samuel, “Brother! How are you able to drive in such heat? When we reach the destination you talk with the people and then you also preach.”

Samuel replied, “This is not our strength. This is the power of our Lord in us and with us. Do you remember when we left, we prayed, ‘Lord, give us your strength and power that we may experience the power of your resurrection in our mortal bodies in these days?’

“Yes,” his friend replied.

“Then you have experienced it,” was Samuel’s reply.

In temperatures of 45C (113F), Samuel preached eighteen times, in addition to several times sharing the Word of God in small groups. They covered 1300 Km (808 miles) by road over twelve days, and visited twenty-nine villages and towns for ministry. Why would anyone do that? Why invest so much time and money in people that most others overlook and do not really care about?

Samuel answers, “Because God has called us for this task.”